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softness without animal fat.

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big performance.

We have created the most effective concentrated fabric conditioner in the world, and it's 100% animal fat-free.

A fabric conditioner revolution?
Maybe just a smol one ;)

smol footprint.

Our concentrated fabric conditioner uses less chemicals per dose and requires less shipping than the regular brands.

Our bottle is made from 100% post-consumer waste which is why it’s a beautiful shade of grey. Return them for refill and reuse or recycle them locally.

How it works.

  • soft fragrant laundry

  • animal fat-free

  • eco-friendly

  • cruelty-free

twin starter pack

An amazing 128 doses
(‘approx. 6 months worth‘) for just £11.00 incl. delivery.

Regular delivery

Tell us how often you use conditioner and we will regularly deliver what you need.

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